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Customer Reviews & Stories

Very friendly staff. I brought my new truck that I recently bought from Gladstone Mitsubishi for a pre purchase vehicle exam. They were able to get my truck in right away for a walk in visit and was able to work seeing my truck in between they're other appointments. Reasonable prices. Highly recommended..

Darian C.

Honest, fast and fair prices.. never tried to up sell me on things I did not need, confirmed quickly what my hunch was for what was wrong on my explorer. Will come back to Nick's again for my next auto repair. Thank you Nick's.


Honest, hardworking, genuine - just a few of the words that come to mind when I think of Nick's. They are the only shop I will take my car to, and I seriously urge you to consider the same. They are always fast and accurate, and their service is top notch. 10/10 would recommend to friends and family..

Adam S.

I had an extremely annoying rattle coming from my truck that was slowly driving me insane every time I hit the gas. Of course the dealership wanted close to $100 just to look at it. So I got on Yelp and found Nick. Boy am I glad I did. Not only was he a super nice guy, but he fixed the problem the same day and saved me A LOT of money. Thanks Nick! I will be back for sure.

Alden M.

Yesterday my daughter was contemplating buying a car on Mc Loughlin Blvd. She liked the car, it was a good price, and it looked good. All we needed was for a mechanic to check it out. The first place we called couldn't check it out until the next day, and luckily, the next place we called was Nick's Auto Care. Nick answered the phone, and gave a great rate to do a "pre-purchase" inspection. I was totally impressed: two mechanics spent aprox. 45 minutes checking the car-it went up on the rack, they took it for a test drive, they hooked it up to the computer. They gave the car a thumbs-up, and charged us $5.00 less than the quote. Then Nick, the owner, said that if we didn't end up buying the car he would check out another car FOR FREE! Free is a very good price. My daughter ended up buying the car, and if/when something goes wrong I'm sure she'll take the treck out to Milwaukie to have Nick & his certified mechanics fix it. In fact, I'll be taking my ride out there as well, and I recommend that YOU do, too! You know, it's scary when you know pretty much zero about cars to put yours into the hands of another person, and suddenly you and your wallet are at their mercy. With Nick, I just feel safe that my car and my wallet!) are going to be ok.

Catherine M.

I've known both Nick and his son, Nicholas personally and professionally for years. These ASE certified technicians do a fantastic job in a timely manner at very fair rates. I highly recommend their services.

Keith P.

My wife and I have taken both our cars to Nick's for the passed year and we've never had a bad experience. The work is always timely and thorough, and he's always willing to be flexible with our schedule. Most recently, my wife's car broke down and wasn't worth repairing. He's been extremely helpful in letting us leave it on his lot until we could get it towed away, as well as giving us good recommendations on a company to help us find a new car. His prices are always fair and he never does any work without consulting you first. Back in Illinois, I always had my father to work on my car or at least send me to his mechanic if he can't fix it, but since we moved 2000 miles away, it's nice to have a mechanic I can trust.

Joshua B.

I took my 1999 Mitsubishi Eclipse to Nick's because it failed to pass DEQ. I was worried it was going to cost an arm and leg to fix but the bill was actually reasonable. They replaced the catalytic converter and a couple sensors for under $500. Besides being a good price the work was also done quickly. The staff is very friendly and professorial, Nick's Auto Care is where I'll be taking my vehicles from now on.

Dan J.

Went in for a simple oil change and was not disappointed. It was quick and easy and only a few dollars more than the box box oil change places. I'm happy to support a local shop and I will be coming here in the future. Great father/son team.

Heather S.

I couldn't have asked for a better experience with a mechanic. Our car was repaired for less than the quote and earlier than expected. Nick was incredibly polite and honest, even walking out to meet us as we pulled in. When he called me to give me his estimate for the repair, there was literally no question I had that he couldn't give me an immediate answer and quote for. It's a great feeling when you've found a mechanic that you trust, which seems rare these days. I will absolutely be coming back to Nick's shop, and would recommend him to anyone who's looking for a solid garage.

Brodie M.

This is a great shop. I was treated like a real person. We are a hard working, blue collar couple who had multiple car issues and Nick's Auto Care took care of us with excellent service. I recommend this shop to every one I know. This is a great place with honest people who treat their customers fairly and with the up most respect. Five star, no doubt.

Matt L.

WONDERFUL service! Very honest and straight forward, this place is NOT looking to take you for a ride for all your worth.